In a graveyard on Jakarta’s outskirts, portraits of the dead, bouquets of flowers and other mementos serve as reminders of the deadly coronavirus wave that battered Indonesia over the summer.

The neat lines of low dirt mounds are quieter now that burials have slowed — a relief for the cemetery’s staff after the flood of fresh graves amid the monthslong surge.

Pops of color stand out in the sea of brown earth, helping future visitors find their loved ones. Other graves have photos of the dead, wrapped in plastic to protect against the elements.

Here, one grave is covered in a rainbow of flowers; further on, a large red umbrella is securely fastened to a headstone to keep from blowing away. Red and white Indonesian flags are planted proudly beside many others.

Rorotan Cemetery is divided by religion. In the Christian section, many of the white wooden crosses are topped with statues of

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