Student Stylist Vie for “Ivy League” Salon Training Schools

If the economy has experienced ups and downs in the past ten years, no one let the cosmetology and beauty school industry know. The field continues to experience steady growth despite fluctuating economic cycles. There are now nearly 1,600 accredited beauty schools in the US. Employment growth rates for hairdresser, […]

Housing Prices and Hiring Both Up in Southern California Market

The real estate business in Southern California is hot. The market known for bidding wars, steep prices and competition among sellers and buyers is living up to its reputation. According to Arun Balaraman at, five trends are shaping the real estate industry: First, interest rates are on the rise. […]

Northwest Business Leaders Create New Edible Labeling Standard

The burgeoning cannabis industry has created a matchmaking environment for like-minded entrepreneurs. The story of Baked Smart in Portland, Oregon is one story out of many that highlights the unique movement of people and resources happening in the industry today. In late 2014, Leah D’Ambrosio stopped in The Goodfoot Pub & Lounge in […]

“Go Ahead, Google My Staff”

In a recent CRM Insights Study, 42% of sales representatives said they didn’t have the right information needed before making a sales call. This study and similar research is leading managers to ask: “How much is spent on company advertising and marketing compared to investing in giving sales people the […]