How one man experienced a $23,000 flight for $108

Next time you’re jammed back in economy, trying to sleep upright, consider this: One man experienced Etihad’s $23,000 “Residence” and only paid $108. Sam Huang, who runs TopMiles, redeemed 60,000 AAdvantage miles plus $108 to fly from Sydney to the Maldives, with the flight from Sydney to Abu Dhabi in the […]

Get your first glimpse at a Roborace autonomous racecar

I’m sorry but, “Robots, start your motors” just doesn’t have the same ring to it. Never mind. What the all-autonomous Roborace lacks in human personas and engine noise, its cars easily make up for with visual panache. SEE ALSO: Upgrade your ‘Insane’ Tesla P90D to ‘Ludicrous’ for $10,000* That’s clearly evidenced […]

Here is the inevitable flying selfie stick

It seems there is no limit to humankind’s selfie obsession. After all, this week brought us the British chap who took what he called a selfie with the person who had just hijacked his plane. So of course, there must be a flying selfie stick. It was only a matter […]

Japan's version of LinkedIn gets $33 million in new funding

Japanese recruiting startup BizReach announced a Series A round of funding from 10 companies totaling $32.8 million on March 29. The investors in the round are YJ Capital, Japan Co-Invest Fund, Salesforce Ventures, Dentsu Digital Holdings, Gree, Rakuten, Link and Motivation, EFU Investment Limited, IMJ Investment Partners Japan Fund 1, and […]